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Rollie's program includes:
and Rollie's program includes:
  • A robin costume that can be enlarged with stuffing
  • a 12 foot by 2 foot motivational banner, and
  • laminated oversized illustrations of the story.
The kids are asked to record their
healthy eating and playing activities and
plot their healthy choices on the 12-foot banner.

The program involves the children
as they suggest better foods and activities,
which will be fun and healthy.

The programs involves
parents, educators and health
professionals and they role play
the "Rollie Robin" story!

These are examples of the journals for "Playing" and "Healthy Eating" choices made by the kids.
Kids are encouraged to change nutritional behaviors
by recording their successful eating and physical activities
in a journal of healthy eating and playing and by then visually depicting their
achievements on both the 12' banner and the individual incentive board.
Pricing for the Rollie Robin Program
Product #
Product Description
Rollie Robin Presentation Package - One year renewable rights to use copyrighted material, one laminated over-sized storybook, one 12 foot flight measurement banner, 3 flight measurement birds, one rollie robin costume, and 3 duplicable journey choice. (Renewable license $100 per school.)
2 10 HELP individual sticker measurement charts. $60
3 Flight Measurement Birds
50 Rollie Robin Storybooks
Additional Flight Measurement Banner
6 Rollie Robin Costume $600
7 28 Pictures of Healthy Fruits, Vegetables and Drinks $60
Also Available  
8 Theatrical Presentation - Full musical script for 5 actors is available
for school drama departments or professional theater. This script is
available for a royalty fee of $500 plus $200 per presentation.
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