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William H. Scott
About the Author
Professor William Scott is a professor of Business at the Thompson School of Applied Sciences, University of New Hampshire. He wrote a Tobacco prevention program, “The Tale of Samantha Skunk”, when challenged to do so by students in a motivation course. Rollie Robin followed Samantha as obesity was recognized as an American epidemic.

Bill has two children and three grandchildren and enjoys racquetball, skiing, sailing, fishing and reading with his grandchildren. His grandchildren participated in writing “Rollie Robin” by suggesting a bird character would be harmed severely by eating the wrong foods, developing the acronym Healthy Eating Lots of Play and tag line Make Healthy Choices Every Day.

Bill lives in Barrington, NH. His artist illustrator friend Nancy Zieske, also from Barrington, has illustrated the Rollie Robin story in a delightful way.

William H. Scott on Creating Rollie

"When I asked my grandchildren what kind of animal would be most harmed by eating the wrong food they immediately suggested a bird. After many discussions with my grandchildren the acronym Healthy Eating Lots of Play was developed and Rollie Robin was born. OOPS. hatched."
Nancy Zieske Sullivan
Nancy Zieske
About the Artist
Nancy Zieske began studying at the Conservatory of Art, St. Paul, Minnesota, by the age of ten, and has made it her life’s profession, painting, drawing, studying, exhibiting and running workshops. Primarily an award winning watercolorist, she also has a nursing degree. Zieske became intensely interested in Professor Scott’s program that helps prevent obesity, for school children. She jumped at the chance to illustrate his wonderful “Rollie Robin” story, which emphasizes proper nutrition and exercise.

Instead of her usual watercolor brushes, she put her hand to something new for her, developing the imagery with computer software, giving a lovely air brush effect to her humorous characterizations. Zieske hopes you enjoy the “Rollie Robin” illustrations as much as she enjoyed creating them.

Illustrations and photography by Nancy Zieske: The “Rollie Robin” book, Fruits & Vegetables & Grains collection, The Robin Family Photos.
While developing the Tale of Rollie Robin, a robin's nest appeared in a lilac bush right outside my office window.

The slideshow to the right consists of photos we took of the real robins!

I did not feed them French fries or doughnuts, although I was tempted to see if they would eat them.


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Rollie's First Home and Family

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